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IP67 Dualport USB 3.1 | M20

Discover our rugged and reliable USB 3.1 Dualport cable with IP67 protection rating and M20 thread for demanding applications.

This cable features 2 USB Type-C female connectors with USB 3.1 support on one end and 2 USB Type-C male connectors also providing USB 3.1 connectivity on the other end. It comes equipped with a high-quality RK USB3.1 round cable with an outer diameter of approximately 4.5 mm in black, measuring 500 mm in length, resulting in a total length of 580 mm.

The IP67-certified socket is equipped with a screw-on cap and an internal rubber seal, making it dust and waterproof. The cap is securely attached with an internal safety wire to prevent loss. A self-locking nut is included, supporting housing thicknesses of up to 8 mm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: 2 x USB Type C female USB 3.1
  • Side 2: 2 x USB Type C male USB 3.1
  • Round cable: USB3.1, outer diameter approximately 4.5 mm, Black
  • Length: 500 mm, Total length: 580 mm
  • Included: Nut and seal for installation
  • Special feature: Cap with safety wire - non-removable

Additional IP67 solutions are available and can be customized. Speak with us about the specific requirements of your application or learn more about the different IP protection classes. We are happy to provide you with a personalized quote. Find additional accessories in the IP67 Accessories category.

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