Our products Strands

Crimped or soldered individual strands can be processed in different cross-sections (0.034 mm² - AWG32 to 6 mm² - AWG8) and materials such as PVC, ETFE, PTFE and silicone. The strands used do all have the necessary permits and approvals from DIN, VDE, CSA or UL. Depending on the electric strength and the temperature range the following UL styles can be offered: UL1061, UL1571, UL1007, UL1015, UL1431, UL3239, UL11027, UL11030

Further categories

solderless single strands
Here we present the solderless splicing. It is a flexible and cost-effective crimping system that can be used to create solderless connections. The components or strands are crimped in high quality with the splice connector in a single operation.
crimped strands
Individually crimped strands are available in various versions as e.g. plugged and unplugged or with soldered contacts for PCB mounting.
soldered strands
Strands are mainly soldered in D-SUB(SUB-D, SUBD, DSUB) connectors or circular connectors. We also offer backfittings where e.g. strands will be soldered in provided power packs or similar components.