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Display cables belong to our area of expertise. We supply any cable system required to operate industrial LCD-displays. TTL cables, LVDS cables, inverter cables backlight-/LED backlight cables or touch cables can be manufactured according to our customers’ requirements and specification. Furthermore all standard cable solutions (open one-sided) for LCDs and inverters are available from stock.

Further categories

Backlight cable
The electric lighting of LCD displays is usually generated by high-voltage-operated very thin fluorescent tubes. For this application appropriate inverters (DC-AC) are necessary. We assemble primary and secondary conductors as extension cables or according to your requirements. Of course the new LED backlights are also supported by ES&S.
For connecting TV or monitors with Displayport 1.2 interface to a PC or notebook. This cable is used to transmit audio- and video-signals.  
DVI cable
Another transfer protocol with similar structures as LVDS (Low Voltage Digital Signaling) is DVI (Digital Visual Interface). We assembly custom specific DVI solutions. The necessary cables can be manufactured in a large range of versions. Please contact us as to the requirements of your specific applications.  We would be pleased to submit you a customized offer.    
Embedded DisplayPort Standard eDP™ is the latest standard of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA ®) to connect Ultra-HD Displays in the 4K and 8K technology.
Inverter cable
DC/AC display inverter cables for all popular types and brands are available from stock. Customized versions can be produced upon request. Here you will find a small summary of the supporting inverter manufacturers: ATBEL, ERG, EVER TRANSMISSION, FUJITSU, GREEN, HITACHI, MICROSEMI, NEC, SHARP, TAMURAm TDK, TOSHIBA, ZIPPY
LED-Backlight cable
LED backlight is a modern version of illuminating LCD panels. The advantages over a lighting by fluorescent tubes are a lower power consumption, a higher contrast and a more consistent illumination. The cables required for the connection with LED backlights are manufactured customer-specificly. There are also some standard cables available from stock.
LVDS cable
Here we present some examples of assembled cables for the transmission protocol LVDS (Low Voltage Digital Signaling). LVDS cables can be manufactured in a large range of different models and designs.
Micro coaxial cable
Here we offer special LVDS micro coax to wire and suitable cable assemblies. The micro coaxial cables are typically offered to AWG36 - AWG48 structure in several variants. The outer diameter of AWG40 micro coax cable amounts to only 0.24 mm. This miniature lines are no longer edit with conventional machines and tools, so we offer this cable assembled only on both sides.
Touch cable
A large number of touch panels and touch controllers result in problems as to an interconnection or in a great expenditure of time. Here we present the necessary cable and adapter solutions. They are partially available from stock or can be manufactured according to our customers’ requirements.
TTL cable
Conventional digital display cables in various technologies: 18 bit/24 bit/ 2 x 18 bit, 2 x 24 bit. These cables are often supplied with a small adapter board since the connectors belong to the board-to-board range and thus cannot be connected directly to an assembled electric conduction.